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Advanced Dental Technology – Midlothian, TX

Modern Dentistry for Optimized Care

Our team at Dental Center of Midlothian utilizes the best quality equipment to help ensure that you get the exceptional, personalized care you deserve. Dr. Johnson is highly trained in the latest dental technologies so that his patients are safe and can feel confident and comfortable about receiving reliable results from their procedures. Below, you can read more about the advanced dental technology we use at our practice and what you can expect from your visit. Read on or give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

Cone Beam

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Although X-rays are effective for gathering general information about what is beneath the surface, they only usually generate two-dimensional images. However, with a cone beam scanner, we can generate a 3D digital model of your jaw, mouth, and the rest of your facial anatomy. With this device, we can even pinpoint nerve pathways in certain areas of your smile, the sinus cavity, and other nearby delicate structures that we’ll need to avoid during your procedure. This is extremely helpful for more complex treatments, such as root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and dental implant surgery.

3D X-Ray

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X-rays have been a major part of dentistry for decades, and today’s dental X-rays are entirely digital. This means the images can be created with much more clarity than traditional ones in the past and your dentist will be able to study the parts of your mouth in slices, kind of like a CT scan. Better yet, our patients can be sure to see their X-rays right away instead of needing to wait for the images to be developed. In addition, digital X-rays emit about 90% less radiation today, making them much safer to be used for patients of any age.

Intraoral Scanner

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Have you ever needed to have a dental impression taken that required you to bite down on bitter, gag-inducing putty for a few minutes? Fortunately, patients no longer have to worry about undergoing this process for us to see your whole smile. Our practice uses intraoral scanners to develop digital impressions of your pearly whites. This process simply involves us using a device to scan your smile so that we can create an accurate model of your dental crown, nightguard, veneers, or any other restorations. Not only is this technology quicker and more comfortable, it can ensure that we provide you with more precise, reliable, and longer-lasting results.

Digital X-Ray Sensors

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Instead of needing to wear a heavy vest to protect you from radiation or having to be situated in a big, scary machine, we can have you sit in the exam chair and simply place a digital sensor in your mouth. These small devices are utilized to capture X-ray images and only need to be in your mouth for a few seconds to get the job done. Immediately afterward, you and your dentist will be able to see your digital X-rays on a computer, which can make your visit both more efficient and quicker to undergo. The best part is that this technology is incredibly comfortable, non-irritating, and can be used for patients of all ages!

Intraoral Camera

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Today, dentists can typically use advanced cameras that can safely maneuver inside a patient’s mouth to view the hard-to-reach places of their smile. On top of making it easier for professionals to see any potential developing oral health problems, this device can make it simpler to communicate with a patient about their oral health. Instead of trying to describe a cavity or mildly compromised tooth, we can just show you!

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